Dangerous, false nails?

8- Death case

The health services conjointly report deaths connected indirectly to the installation of false nails. In Canada, nurses have developed medical building infections that have worsened, inflicting the death of those affected. However, this can be a rare development.

9- False nails and aesthetics

As we’ve seen on top of, the installation of false nails usually results in complications. Once removed, these devices usually leave the natural nails during a pitiful state. generally, they disappear fully. And it takes months to remake the nail. The user thus needs to cause unaccustomed to hide the injury, increasing the chance to his health.

If you continue to wish to place false nails, decide on notable beauty salons and keep them as short as possible, a week at most. The specialists who work there will be able to advise you properly on the type of nail to use and the best ways to prevent complications.


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