Dangerous, false nails?

Types of false nails

Three varieties square measure in the main used.

• Plastic capsules, oversubscribed in pharmacies and supermarkets, square measure mounted with an awfully sturdy glue.

• Acrylic graven pretend nails square measure fabricated from an organic compound that’s shaped onto the natural nail.

• ultraviolet gel nails, that are growing in quality in recent years.

1- Watch out by filing the nail!

To put the false nails, you may file, or file, slightly on top of the highest of the natural nail. This step thins the surface, however, it makes it a lot of fragile. In doing, therefore, its resistance is weakened, which favors the penetration of the deadly merchandise accustomed to build the organic compound nails or to attach the plastic capsules. A lot of the nails square measure filed at the start, a lot of the danger will increase. the utilization of smoother, most well-liked by some beauty salons, would be out of the question, in step with dermatologists.

2- The detachment of the nail

Skin consultants conform to warn users against the aggressiveness of the merchandise used. throughout prolonged use, false nails promote the detachment of natural nails, particularly if the user uses it as a lever (to open a box, as an example). The longer the nail is, a lot of the risks square measure accentuated.

3- Poisoning

Who says false nail cause, says the use of volatile deadly merchandise. However, the scientific literature reports on glutton poisoning in some purchasers and beauticians.

The effects fit those of alcohol intoxication that, in additional severe cases will cause psychological, blood, liver, vessel and metastasis disorders.

Frequent inhalation may also increase the chance of developing a respiratory disease or perhaps carcinoma.

4- False nails and skin problem

Research has shown that acrylic manicure merchandise, as well as false nails, generally cause contact skin problems. it’s in the main Associate in a Nursing allergic reaction that may develop at the fingertips, however conjointly in different elements of the body that get contact with the infected space.

Generally, the skin problem seems between forty-eight and ninety-six hours once the installation of false nails. nail varnish is typically chargeable for this development. The user may additionally develop dermatitis characterized by red rashes, blisters, itchiness or perhaps skin burns.


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